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Turned into a nerdy girl TG Caption by PlayzGames17 Turned into a nerdy girl TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 47 2 A Better Life TG Caption by PlayzGames17 A Better Life TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 49 2
A Sonic and Friends tg story Part 3
"Stop it" yelled UHKM as he was being sucked into the darkness by this robotic being "Stop it right now and I'll never bother you again!!!!!"
"Never say never" said the voice "Now let's get to work sha.."
"Metal Sonic stop that" yelled a familiar voice and UHKM turned to see Eggman arriving "He is our partner to destroy Sonic. Now put him down!"
"Yes master" replied Metal Sonic in a robot voice and put UHKM down, who was gasping for air.
"Now that that problem is done and dusted" said Eggman "UHKM can you take Charmy back to the Detective Agency or whats left of it and put him somehwere the other Chaotix members are bound to find him. I've already put him to sleep so if we put him back at the Detective Agency we can frame him."
"Sure can do" smiled UHKM and he dashed off to get Charmy to his framing spot
"Now then Orbot and Cubot" said Eggmanto his robot companions "Let's get back to building our army and powering that laser again shall we?"
"Yes sir" replied Orbot and Cubot and they r
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Stealing TG Caption by PlayzGames17 Stealing TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 43 1 I Dare You TG Caption by PlayzGames17 I Dare You TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 38 3 Waking Up In A New House TG Caption by PlayzGames17 Waking Up In A New House TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 68 5 Lost in the Jungle TG Caption by PlayzGames17 Lost in the Jungle TG Caption :iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 51 5
On Holiday TG
Man this is the life, thought Daniel as he walked along the coastline. The 18 year old had just graduated from college and decided to celebrate on his own in Miami on the seaside. He had high expectations of this city. Good food, good shopping and good looking girls as well.
He decided to head to the place where he got his house key, get in his holiday home, go shopping and come back and spend the night watching a movie.
"Hello there sir, welcome to Miami beach holiday homes" said the receptionist "How may I have help you today?"
"I'm here to get the key to my home, miss" smiled Daniel "My name is Daniel Edwards"
"Ah we have you on this list Mr Edwards" smiled the receptionist "Here is your key. Have a good holiday"
Once Daniel got into his home, he started unpacking. He liked unpacking and packing bags as it allowed him to pass the time and once he was finished, he checked the films on tonight. They were showing Jaws, Apocalypse Now, Captain America: Civil War and Fantastic Beasts and
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A New Bookworm (Velma TG)
"He had to leave school early, didn't you know" replied Danny
"This is the not the time to be smirking!" yelled Jack after Danny smirked in an attractive way.
"Well it always is around you jock" smiled Danny
"Enough!" yelled Jack "I've had enough of this"
What happened next was pure chaos. Danny screamed as Jack grabbed her by the legs and pulled her to the ground. He then ensured to grab her perky B Cup breasts and Danny was crying in pain as Jack kept on picking her up and throwing her back down again.
"JACKSON, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?" yelled a voice and Jack turned around to see the principal of his school.
"Picking her up because she slipped" lied Jack.
"Ok, can you take her to the nurses?" replied the principal
"Sure can do sir" repleid Jack as he grabbed Danny and hauled her to the nurses.
"You'll be sorry!" cursed Danny as Jack left.
"So my
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Made in China (Chun Li TG)
What a lovely place this is, thought Charlie. He had just arrived in Bejing, China's capital, from Los Angeles and was already loving the place. The skyscrapers looked so gorgeous, the people were so kind, the food was amazing and Charlie loved it.
He decided since it was approaching dusk, he would go to his hotel, check in and order a takeaway for the night. With that in mind, he started to walk off to his hotel.
"And you are?" asked the receptionist when Charlie walked into the hotel.
"Charlie Jones" replied Charles "I arrived in Bejing at 16:50 local time and I'm here to check in a room for 2 weeks please"
"Ok course Mr Jones" smiled the receptionist "Your room number is 1992, on the 9th floor"
"Thank you ma'am" replied Charlie as he walked to the elevator for his room
"Troubled child he seemed" sighed the receptionist once Charlie had gone out of earshot "I hope the room he recieved helps his troubles and daily struggles"
Charlie had arrived in his room and began to unpack. What su
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Catwoman TG
Gareth was a huge Batman fan. The Batman games, aside from Batman: Dark Tomorrow were all amazing and he ranked the movies as followed. Batman was good, Batman Returns was just as good as the first one, Batman Forever was ok and Batman and Robin was down right awful. Batman Begins was a great way to make a Batman film, The Dark Knight was one of Gareth's most favourites films ever and The Dark Knight Rises was a satisfying and epic conclusion to the The Dark Knight trilogy.
He had also read a lot of the comics and enjoyed them. What he came to understood was that Batman wouldn't be where he was without his villans. They ranged from good, Joker, Two-Face, bad, Bat-mite, Condiment King, and downright what the hell, Calendar Man, Mad Hatter, Polka-Dot Man. However Gareth's favourite character was Catwoman. She was so sexy for a villan, more so than Poison Ivy (That's saying something). She had the body of a female model and was downright gorgeous. Because of her, Gareth started watching B
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A Pokemon TG Story
"So Ash, are you excited for the big party?" asked Serena
"I sure am" replied Ash "After getting my 5th gym badge, I need to relax before training again. This big party at that mansion sounds amazing!"
Ash and Serena, after parting ways with Bonnie and Clemont for the weekend, had recieved an invitation for someone's party. Ash believed it was meant to celebrate something important and seeing how he was getting a reputation for being a very smart person (not), he was happy to be invited. The invitation also said to bring someone along so Ash had to think about this. Bonnie was too young to be going to a party, which left Clemont and Serena. Clemont was very interested in stopping Bonnie from getting Clemont a girlfriend or someone to look after him. Serena was a Pokemon performer and loved to explore the region with Ash. When Ash made his decision and chose Serena to come along, Clemont didn't mind at all. He couldn't risk leaving Bonnie on her own for the weekend. So when he heard Ash
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A New Tomboy (Misty TG)
What a boring day today has been, thought Michael as he walked down the boardwalk near the sea. The 14 year old jock had only been flirting with girls as usual and got in trouble for throwing a brick at the teacher. Still today was a boring day for Michael.
This afternoon had been more interesting. Michael had surfed some waves to impress some hot chicks sun bathing in the sun and had done some dancing to impress more girls. He helped his kind father with his snack business on the beach boardwalk, earning $50 dollars in the process.
Michael was still walking when he saw girls about his age, maybe a bit older than that, stranded out at sea. One had pink hair, unusual for a girl, one had violet hair and the last one had a hair colour in the middle between blonde and brown. However, Michael didn't care about their hair, he cared about the sexy bikini's they were all wearing. Thinking he could make himself another girlfriend, Michael dashed to the tide, took off his shirt and started swimm
:iconplayzgames17:PlayzGames17 37 2
Serena TG: New Beginnings
Life was good for Dave. He had completed his copy of Pokemon X for the 17th time so far in his life since he got it. He was so good at the game, on his latest go, he only completed it with a chespin (thats saying a lot). It was a Friday afternoon and Dave was looking forward to going home and play on his new and amazing Nintendo Switch. Even though he would spend more time now on the Switch, he would still have the urge to play Pokemon and watch the anime episodes when they were on.
Once he arrived home, he got his Diet Coke and 3DS then started playing on the Switch. The games on the switch were better than the launch titles for the Wii U, in Daves opinion. 1-2 Switch was imaginative and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the best in the series. After 2 and a half hours of playing, he decided to turn on his 3DS and start Pokemon X again whilst watching all the Pokemon X/Y and X/Y/Z episodes. He was enjoying his 18th playthrough of Pokemon X when the television froze on Serena
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A Sonic and Friends tg story Part 2
After witnessing all the transformations happen, Eggman, Orbot, Cubot and UHKM 182217 were all laughing at their evil plan. Since everyone had been transformed and could not control their powers in their new bodies, the evil brains thought of a plan that would allow the Eggman Empire to begin foundations. Using the energy from the laser beam they used on Sonic and friends, they would now use it on the other annoyances of the town, turning them evil and leaving Princess Elise defenceless. With nothing in the way, they would order her to surrender her kingdom to Eggman and leave it forever. Eggman would then use his title as king to travel to other places in the world to show he is a respectable gentleman, whilst secretely stealing money from robbing the banks to program a laser that would destory cities and build sections of his Eggman Empire. After that he would take over the entire world.
"Perfect" said Eggman whilst drinking a vodka martini "We did something no one could ever do than
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Gender Swap TG
Harry always hated his life. He was always picked on for liking Sonic, being a momma's boy and for being a teachers pet in lesson. He couldn't thing of anything people liked about him and also certainly couldn't think of anyone who was friends with him. Even Joe, a smelly racist person, had more popularity and friends than him. Today was going rather well for Harry. He had gotten an A for his Maths assignment and had not been bullied at all. Just then, Harry saw the usual four school jocks Danny, Kyle, Tyler and Gordon arrived with their fans behind them. Harry sensed a fight was coming his way.
"Oy Blindo" yelled Danny "Give us your lunch money or you'll earn yourself a beating!!!"
"Time to unleash the power of brotherly bullying" yelled Tyler and Gordon.
"What you gonna do poor sod" asked Kyle "Run home crying to your mummy and tell her you got beaten up?"
"ENOUGH!!" yelled Harry as he got up, sparking silence "Kyle shut the motherfucking up you cracked up twat. Tyler and Gordon a zo
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Turned into a nerdy girl TG Caption
Who would have thought that a smart, popular person like me would become a nerd?
Obviously, no one thought that would happen to me but it did.

Yesterday, I was walking home from school and I saw a man about 18 years old crying. I asked him what was the matter and then he told me that he got bullied because he needed to wear glasses. I just simply replied with laughter and walked off, leaving the man in tears.
When I finally got home, I unlocked my door and went into my home and then the doorbell rang. It was someone telling me to vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming General Election (UK), to my interest. I didn't want to vote for the Labour Paty and told her to f**k off because of that and the fact she was wearing glasses. She also ran off in tears and I didn't feel anything.
Later that evening, my friend Jacob came round. Jacob was a person who was a bit of a nerd, but since he wasn't completely a nerd, he was cool with me.
"Dude I was just coming to your house and I saw a girl crying. Did you upset her?" asked Jacob
"Yea, but she was a nerd and she wanted me to vote Labour in the General Election" I replied
"Well, I mean I'm fine with you not wanting to vote for Labour (Jeremy Corbyn is an idiot) but you can't be mean to people just because they have glasses" sighed Jacob
"I can and no one can stop me" I smiled
Jacob then took out another pair of glasses and told me to put them off. At first I said no, but he shoved me onto the floor and put them on himself.
Instantly, I felt my hair growing outwards, turning brown and reaching my neck. My arms and legs became smoother and slender, my hands became more dainty and feminine, my waist sank in, my penis turned into a vagina, my hips flared, my thighs swelled and out of nowhere, two C Cup boobs emerged from my chest, making me pant for breath. A white bra formed around them, making it easier to walk out. Then my clothes, all of them, merged together to form a hot black dress. I was now a girl, and a nerdy one at fact.
"What did you do to me?" I asked
"Oh nothing, thought you would need to understand how being a nerd feels like" smiled Jacob
"Turn me back! Turn me back now!" I yelled in a high-pitched voice
"I'm afraid I can't do that until you learn your lesson. Which could take anytime between 3 months and 3 years! Have fun" Jacob smiled and he left my house, leaving me upset and annoyed.
At least I don't look that bad, I smiled as I grabbed my phone and took a selfie.
So there you have it. I'm now a girl for the erros that I made and until I can overcome them, I'll be some brown-haired nerdy girl.
A Better Life TG Caption
David was a poor, homeless man who always moved his spot where he slept since he was most of the time looking in bins for scraps unless a couple of kind people gave him food, and rarely, food. Most of the time people just gave him a sour look and walked off. Although he got used to this behaviour, he still found it very upset that people weren't kind to him.

However in the past couple of weeks, he had perched a spot near a popular housing residence and always sat on the roof of some nearby houses. Only for one thing: he had seen this family, who had not seen him, watching this TV show every night. As far as David was concerned, it was about rich people and the lives they lived. One thing he noticed was how kind the rich people were. He had expected them to be greedy sods who didn't like giving away money.

Although David would love to stop being a homeless man, he didn't think being rich would be any better. Oh well, he thought, as long as it doesn't cloud my mind, I'll be fine, as he watched the newest episode of this show.However, this episode had a girl around the ages of 18 to 20 and started a poor life before becoming one of the richest girls of her age. With that, David started to think again about whether he wanted a better life or stick to his current one. Eventually, his desire for a better life got the better of him and said out loud to himself, "I wish I had a life like one of those women on TV". Yet, what he didn't know was that television could obey every command, whether it was to do with television or not. It zapped David from afar whilst he wasn't looking and sucked him into the world of this TV series.

When David woke up, he realised he was at a mansion. He felt happy at this and decided to have a walk around the grounds for a while before getting his feet stuck in some red panties. Whatever, thought David, I can just move on. He couldn't though, as this pair of panties were slowly crawling up his legs, turning his skin a light shade of brown and removing all body hair from his legs, as well as making his feet shrink in size. These panties were powerful, as they just ripped off David's trousers and pant's before finally settling into his crotch, turning it into womanhood. David shreiked as his dick was gone. He tried to run fast but then got his feet trapped in a silk blue and red skirt. That skirt was also climbing up her legs and once it was in place, David's thighs swelled, his waist sank in, his hips flared and his ass was sticking out more, making it a perfect target for a man to grab and feel its sexiness.

Whilst David was trying to run around, he bashed into a tree and a necklace fell down onto his neck, which immediately sucked his Adam's Apple out of his neck. His skin turned to a Latin-american descent, his lips became more kissable, his cheeks and mouth widened, his eyebrows became manicured and trimmed and his eyes grew larger. Just then, a shock from her skull caused David's hair to grow outwards, blinding him and making him bash into the tree again, where two bracelets fell down onto his hands. Her hands now became smaller, more feminine and more dainty whilst her arms became smoother and slender, just like her legs. As she was trying to brush her hair away from her face, she bashed into another tree and fell to the ground, yelling in immense high-pitched pain. Davids looked at his shirt and noticed her nipples were turning into boobs. They went from A cup, to B Cup and finally stopping at a large CC Cup. Now David's shirt had turned into a cute blue blouse. The transformation was complete. Before David could yell for help, he lost all his old memories and they were replaced with new,
"Stop it" yelled UHKM as he was being sucked into the darkness by this robotic being "Stop it right now and I'll never bother you again!!!!!"
"Never say never" said the voice "Now let's get to work sha.."
"Metal Sonic stop that" yelled a familiar voice and UHKM turned to see Eggman arriving "He is our partner to destroy Sonic. Now put him down!"
"Yes master" replied Metal Sonic in a robot voice and put UHKM down, who was gasping for air.
"Now that that problem is done and dusted" said Eggman "UHKM can you take Charmy back to the Detective Agency or whats left of it and put him somehwere the other Chaotix members are bound to find him. I've already put him to sleep so if we put him back at the Detective Agency we can frame him."
"Sure can do" smiled UHKM and he dashed off to get Charmy to his framing spot
"Now then Orbot and Cubot" said Eggmanto his robot companions "Let's get back to building our army and powering that laser again shall we?"
"Yes sir" replied Orbot and Cubot and they rushed off to the factories to continue building their army.
"As for you Metal Sonic" said Eggman "Later on today, maybe in the afternoon, can you go to Sonic and cohorts and give them a little surprise. I highly doubt they would have adjusted to their new bodies yet so it's best we have a little checkup on them don't you agree.
"Yes sir" replied Metal Sonic.
"Excellent" smiled Eggman with an evil grin as Metal Sonic flew off.
"Now then" questioned Eggman "If that rotten bee turns chaotic at night, then the next two infected should be his agency friends Espio and Vector" Eggman laughed loudly and went off to supervise the factory.

Meanwhile over at Mystic Ruins, Zooey/Tails had just woken up in a horrific state. She was shattered from all that walking from Sonic's village to Tail's workshop and by the time they got there, it was late at night. At least I'm safe, Zooey/Tails thought. When she looked around the room, she couldn't see Tails. He had gone to bed with her last night and Zooey never heard anything so she went outside to see Tails looking through a telescope.

"What on earth are you doing out here?" questioned Zooey/Tails "You looked shattered when you went to sleep and still do now. Why were you outside all night?"
"I was examining something" replied Tails/Zooey "At approximately 1 am today, a beam of light fired from Eggman's castle at the Chaotix Detective Agency. Minutes later, it was blown up. All I could see from the wreckage was dead bodies and a burning mess."
"What are you going to do about it?" asked Zooey/Tails
"I'm going to go tell Sonic and his friends about it. I'll probably have more undertanding of it than they do." replied Tails/Zooey
"Stay safe then" smiled Zooey/Tails as she kissed Tails quickly.
"Thanks" blushed Tails/Zooey as he walked off to Sonic's village.

"Ah Tails" smiled Zooey/Tails "Such a hero he is" Zooey/Tails went back into the house only to see a dark light protecting a robotic person.

"Hello?" asked Zooey/Tails "Are you hurt? Do you need an ambulance?"
"No thank you" replied the voice "But your going to need one"
Zooey/Tails then screamed as five robots entered the facility and grabbed her. She kicked and punched her hardest but she couldn't break free.
"Who are you?" said Zooey/Tails
"That is not of importance right now" replied the figure moving out of the corner "If you must know, I am UHKM, a weapons specalist, street fighter, scientist, willing to work for anyone if they know what they are doing. You are coming with me"
UHKM smiled as the robots shoved Zooey/Tails into a cage and flew off with the cage.
"Job's done" said UHKM on his walkie-talkie "I'll be expecting payday when I return"
"Affirmative" said Eggman "Good work out there UHKM"
"Just a regular day in the life of me" said UHKM as he flew off to Eggman Castle.


About 9:30 am, Sonic woke up. He looked shattered and was still trying to adjust to his new body when he slipped over next to his wardrobe. He thought it was something prank like so he decided to go to his wardrobe and get her clothes needed. He thought he wanted a change so chose to wear pink lacy panties instead of purple, sports shoes to help him walk around better and a purple dress with a black neck collar.
Image result for amy rose sonic boom dinner dress
Once he changed he finally noticed the newspaper on the floor. The title on the first page was "Agency burnt to the ground". Sonic then decided to run as fast as his new body could to the others whilst holding the newspaper.

"What the absolute hell happened last night?" asked Shadow/Rouge "Surely Eggman wouldn't want to attack early."
Sonic had found Amy,Blaze,Silver,Rouge and Shadow all at Shadow's house. They were all watching daytime TV before Sonic came and told the news, which suprisingly hadn't been said on the TV
"He wouldn't want to worry us" replied Blaze/Silver
"Even so, is this a small step in the right direction as he continues his crimes?" asked Silver/Blaze
"Guys calm down" said Sonic/Amy "We don't need to completely lose ourselves. All we know is that Eggman most likely did it"
"I'm not so sure about that theory" said Rouge/Shadow as he pointed to the image and everyone noticed a winged creature standing outside.
"Is that Charmy?" questioned Amy/Sonic "Why would he do such a thing?"
"Who knows" said Blaze/Silver "But we all know Charmy well. He wouldn't never do this"
"Maybe that wasn't Charmy" said Rouge/Shadow
"In that case, Amy, Rouge and Blaze should go investigate" said Sonic/Amy
"On it" smiled Amy/Sonic
"Should be fun" smiled Rouge/Shadow
"Let's do this" yelled Blaze/Silver as the three walked off to the ruins of the Agency.
"So what are we going to do?" asked Silver/Blaze
"We should keep a low profile" replied Shadow/Rouge "We shouldn't be the ones fighting, girls don't do that."
"If you insist" replied Sonic/Amy.


"So did you think our roasting of Big the Cat was fun?" asked Vector
"Indeed was" replied Espio "Now, look over there Vector. Is that Charmy?"
"Sure is!" yelled Vector as he looked at the ruins "That pesky bee blew the place up!!!!"
"Oh hi guys" said Charmy "How was your roasting of Big the Cat?"
"Rather well, to be honest" replied Espio "Now Vector stay calm"
"Stay calm?" yelled Vector "Are you crazy. I should have never trusted Charmy to take care of the Agency whilst we went off with Big. Now people are dead, the agency is in ruins and it's all because of him!"
"Vector, again calm yourself" said Espio "Here comes Sonic,Shadow and Silver. They should know what to do."
"What's up guys" said Amy/Sonic
"Just about to punch this little..." snarled Vector before Espio slapped him round the mouth
"For the last time, calm yourself" said Espio
"And how do you even know Charmy did it?" asked Rouge/Shadow "He could have been framed"
"And how do you know that?" asked Vector
"Wait guys, I see some blood on Charmy's arm" said Blaze/Silver
"Uh huh" said Vector and Espio as they searched Charmy's body
"I didn't do anything I swear" pleaded Charmy
"I believe you old friend" smiled Espio in a calm way and Sonic, Shadow and Silver agreed.
"Well then how about we all calm down at the cafe shall we?" asked Rouge/Shadow
"Sure" said Vector, Espio, Sonic, Charmy and Silver
Meanwhile, back at Princess Elise's mansion, Knuckles was trying to understand all the events that had happened last night. Cream had gone with Elise to the town to help the locals lighten up a bit. Knuckles was left to use his detective skills and figure out what had happened. He knew Shadow and Rouge had said Eggman might be planning something big but he didn't expect it to happen so soon.
He also thought Charmy, the prime suspect behind the blaze, would never do such a thing. Suddenly, all the windows slammed shut and all the curtains wrapped themselves, leaving Knuckles in a dark mansion. He tried to turn on a light nearby, but was shoved down by a figure.
"Trying to get away so soon?" asked the figure cloaked in darkness "The fun hasn't even started"
"The fun will only start when I find out who the bloody hell you are" replied Knuckles in gritted teeth as he threw a punch at the figure but missed.
"How disappointing you are" sighed the figure after dodging many punches "For the last of your tribe, I would expect much more from a puny enchilada"
"STOP THAT" yelled Knuckles as he finally turned on the light but was brought down by the figure
"Ah, you see I never expect much from you anyways. You really are a puny disappointment, Knuckles the Echidna" smiled the figure"
"What" said Knuckless suddenly "How do you know my name? Who are you?"
"I'm classified as UHKM" smiled UHKM
"Do you work for G.U.N or the government?" snarled Knuckles
"Only time will tell" smiled UHKM as he knocked out Knuckles and put him in a sack. Once he did that, he called Eggman with a voice message.
"Got the damn Echidna as you said" smiled UHKM "Two captures in one day. I'll be expecting something when I return"
UHKM got Knuckles and flew out of the mansion and off to Eggman Castle, leaving nothing behind at the Princess's mansion.
Meanwhile, back at Sonic's house, Sonic/Amy, Shadow/Rouge and Silver/Blaze were bored. They had finished watching anything interesting on television, and were still waiting for the girls to return after seeing Vector, Charmy and Espio. They became even more annoyed when Rouge/Shadow called and said they were having lunch together just for old time's sake. Just then, whilst Silver/Blaze wwas going to the bathroom, she heard a mechanical noise outside. Confused after being told this, Sonic/Amy and Shadow/Rouge went outside to see Metal Sonic scanning the area.
"Damn. We've been found" snarled Shadow/Rouge
"Shadow shut up before he notices us" replied Sonic/Amy
"Too late" sighed Silver/Rouge.
"Targets found" said Metal Sonic "One hedgehog, one bat, one cat. Elimination process engaged" Metal Sonic then started firing rockets at his targets and bullets as well.
"What are we going to do?" asked Silver/Blaze "None of us have really adjusted to our new bodies."
"Well you two think of something" smiled Sonic/Amy "I'll deal with this doppleganger myself for the time being"
Sonic/Amy went out of their hiding spot and started throwing her hammer at Metal Sonic. Expecting this attack, Metal Sonic was clearly able to dodge all her attacks. Meanwhile, Silver/Blaze and Shadow/Rouge had finally come up with something.
"Even though I can't fly, you can throw me behind Metal Sonic and I could disable it" smiled Shadow/Rouge.
"Ok then" replied Silver/Blaze "Let's do this!" Silver/Blaze then proceeded to throw Shadow/Rouge at Metal Sonic whilst Sonic/Amy was distracting it. Yet Metal Sonic could sense something approaching his back and turned around at the last second and got out of the way just before Rouge came flying in. She missed it, and she was thrown into a wall.
"You missed" smiled Metal Sonic
"I never miss" smiled Shadow/Rouge as she revealed one of Metal Sonic's wires.
Panicking, Metal Sonic flew off back to Eggman Castle whilst everyone else celebrated their triumph. Just then, a familiar figure appeared.
"Well Tails, I thought you were gone" asked Sonic/Amy
"I was, but then I thought I would remind you of what happened last night. That was stupid of me to leave Zooey by herself" sighed Tails/Zooey "I'm so sorry Sonic"
"No need for an apology" smiled Silver/Blaze "Here comes everyone else" Silver pointed at Amy/Sonic, Blaze/Silver and Rouge/Shadow returning.
"So how did it go?" asked Shadow/Rouge.
"Relatively well" smiled Amy/Sonic "Vector nearly killed Charmy but it was alright in the end. So how was your life?"
"Boring really" sighed Sonic/Amy "Apart from Metal Sonic came here and tried to kill the three of us"
"Why would he do such a thing?" questioned Tails/Zooey "Surely he doesn't want to weaken us just yet?"
"Whatever it is, we need to prepare ourselves" said Rouge/Shadow "We managed to convince Vector Charmy did nothing but we kept him away from him and Espio to make sure no trouble happens."
"Well we should all get back to our homes" smiled Blaze/Silver "However, in case Eggman has Zooey locked up, Tails and Silver should stay up and spy on Eggman ok?"
"Ok" said everyone and they all headed back to their homes. Sonic/Amy, Shadow/Rouge Rouge/Shadow went to their own houses. Amy/Sonic and Blaze/Silver went to Blazes and Silver/Blaze and Tails/Zooey went up to the cliff where Silver spent his nights stargazing (As you do).
Meanwhile, at Eggman Castle, Orbot and Cubot has just finished putting Tails (Well at least they thought it was the real Tails) and Knuckles into cells whilst UHKM and Eggman were negotiating over UHKM's salary.
"I want 1,000 rings for every stupid creature I capture" asked UHKM
"Sure, but I'll need to get the money from the island's back" smiled Eggman
"Why you oversized bald mustached lunatic" started UHKM before they both heard a faint cry.
Zooey/Tails was crying. She wasn't blaming anyone for being captured but she was upset. Tails had done everything he could to help them escape Eggman's clutches, yet that still wasn't enough for her to be captured.
"You there you two tailed fox" asked UHKM "Quit your crying"
"Shut up ok. All I wanted was a life where I wasn't involved in anything dangerous" cried Zooey/Tails
"Yes, but I have heard stories of you" smiled UHKM "A brave, smart person you once were Miles Prower"
"That's not my... wait how do you know my name?" asked Zooey/Tails
"Not that it will concern you" smiled UHKM "Eggman?"
"Yes UHKM" asked Eggman
"I hope your lethal dart gun is ready to be used" smiled UHKM "I need to make sure that damn bee causes more paranoia to your annoying counterparts by infecting his two companions"
"It is" smiled Eggman "Go, take it and use it whenever I say it's ready" UHKM then walked off to a sniping point on the top of the castle.
"Now Zooey and Nipples" smiled Eggman
"ITS KNUCKLES, NOW SHUT UP!" yelled Knuckles
"You two are to come with me and take part in a harmless little experiment" smiled Eggman "Does that seem alright for you two?"
"No" replied Zooey/Tails and Knuckles
"Well you got no choice" smiled Eggman as the collar he had put around both of their necks activated and electrocuted them towards Eggman
"Now this way please" smiled Eggman as he led the two captured enemies to his lab and his 'experiment'
"Did you hear that?" asked Silver/Blaze to Tails/Zooey. The two of them had gone on a cliff where Silver spent most of his nights star gazing and other things similar to that.
"Slightly" replied Tails/Zooey "It sounded like a male scream. Could it possibily be Zooey?"
"Who knows?" said Silver/Blaze "I'll use this telescope to get a better view
"Ok" smiled Tails/Zooey.
"What do you want of me" yelled Zooey/Tails "I'm no use to you, you know that yourself"
"Maybe I do" smiled Eggman "Maybe I dont"
Eggman then proceeded to fire his laser at Tails/Zooey and Knuckles could only watch in pain. Luckily, Eggman had decided to turn Zooey back to her normal self first. Within seconds, Zooey had turned back to her normal self once again. Knuckles stood there, confused and angry.
"What the hell is going on here?" yelled Knuckles "Just you wait Egghead before I pop your brains out of that stupid head of yours!"
"Oh I don't think so" simled Eggman "I may want to assemble an animal army as well as a robot. Let's give your girlfriend Rouge some competition shall we?"
"Shut up" yelled Knuckles "She is not my girlfriend and you can't do anything to me!"
"Oh you shall see" smiled Eggman as he proceeded to fire the laser on Knuckle's body. Instantly Knuckle's body was changing rapidly.

Knuckles' red fur on his head quickly turned black, while his quill like hair became pointed upward, turning black as well. His ears became much larger and triangular, moving to the top of his head. His eyes became larger, the anger leaving his face as two large eyelashes grew from eye eye. Knuckles' eyelids became covered with purple eyeshadow, mascara even applying to them. His nose became softer and smaller, as his muzzle became shorter. His lips became fuller as pink lipstick applied to them. 

The fur on Knuckles' arms and body left him leaving rather tan skin behind. His arms became thin and slender while the spikes on his gloves left, the gloves themselves becoming more elegant. Two breasts began to push out from Knuckle's chest, stopping at about D cups. Next, two large purple bat wings grew out from his back, Knuckles able to move them at his own will. His waist narrowed while his back went into an arch as his rear pushed out. 

Knuckles' decently sized tail became much shorter and pointy while his hips push out greatly. Knuckles' manhood shrank back into him, morphing into womanhood inside and out. Her legs became more shapely and thinner while unbeknownst to Knuckles, her nails became painted pink. Her heels picked up off the ground as a pair of high heeled black boots formed around her feet. A white jumpsuit with room for her tail and wings formed around Knuckles' body, with amble cleavage. With that, Knuckles' body was replaced with a female bat's.

"Why you little" growled Knuckles in his new voice
"Don't get so satisfied with it yet" smiled Eggman as he electrocuted Knuckle's collar to be able to control him fully.
"Yes master" said Knuckles whose name would now be Kamila "I am ready to serve you and destroy Sonic and friends"
"Excellent" smiled Eggman as he turned to fire his laser at Zooey.
To be continued..............................
A Sonic and Friends tg story Part 3
Part 3 of my Sonic Tg series. Hope you enjoy
Also, I will not be taking requests for a long time now because I would like to concentrate on other stories of my own.
Stealing TG Caption
Charles decided to think that stealing from his rich neighbor in order to pay off a debt would be a good idea. That is, until he reached his nieghbor Toby's house. The security camera came out of no where and zapped Charles. When Charles woke up, she was a girl and had lost all memories of her previous self. She then saw her boyfriend Toby arrived home.

Toby asked her what are you doing out here and why she wasn't inside the house. Charles, now Charli, shrugged and Toby beamed. Well if you were waiting so patiently for me to come back, lets take the fun into my bedroom shall we? He then led Charli to his bedroom and began to have fun.

Toby loved his new camera system. If anyone tried to steal from him, they'd join his list of slutty girls.
I Dare You TG Caption
"Do I really have to do this?" asked Michael to his friend Josh one afternoon at the beach. The two boys were bored on their vacation and couldn't think of anything to do after they had finished swimming in the pool and sea.
"Yes you do" smiled Josh "You have to tell me a secret about your life. If I believe you, you are alright. If either I don't believe you or find the truth annoying, you have to do whatever I choose to do. Beside, you did it to me. It's only fair I do it to you."
"Ok fine. I'll say a truth" sighed Michael "I once slept with your girlfriend"
"YOU WHAT?" yelled Josh "No just no I'm no way accepting that. The fact you slept with Nikki is just no. You and I know each other well. I can't believe you did such a thing. Since you lost the bet, I'll get what I need and you wait there" Josh then walked off and laughed silently. He couldn't believe what he was about to do to his friend, but seeing as what just happened, it seemd Michael deserved it.

"Alright I'm back" said Josh after 5 minutes away "Your dare is you'll get $500 if you wear this" Josh then revealed a tiny purple bikini and a purple bra.
"Heck no am I wearing that!" snarled Michael
"Too bad. You lost the forfeit. And if you don't put it on yourself, I'll put them both on you like your a bay if that is what you want" smiled Josh "You have to put both one to win the money. I'll let you put on the bikini in private but you have to put on the bra in front of me ok?"
"Fine" muttered Michael as he went off to put the bikini on. Heck, this bikini was recognisable. In fact, Michael saw an advert for it as one of the world's smallest bikini's. God he looked weird in this. Too bad no one else was looking aside from Josh.
"Alright got that on?" asked Josh once Michael had come out of the changing room "Now put the bra on so I can check you put it on ok?"
"As you say" muttered Michael as he put on the bra.
Instantly Michael was changing. His hair was getting ever so lighter and longer. It now had a strawberry blonde colour and went all the way past his neck. Some of it was even in front of his face. He brushed it away with his hands, which were now smaller, dainty and more feminine. His arms, legs and even his face were becoming more feminine. His arms and legs became smoother and slender whilst he felt a painful wax as all of his body hair fell from him to the floor and disappeared. His face was reshaping weirdly. His mouth and cheeks became rounder and made Michael look much more attractive. His adam's apple was sucked from his throat and made his first cough, which sounded cute and female like. His crotch felt a wave of pleasure and pain and his manhood was sucked into his body and suddenly became a vagina, uterus and ovaries. Her back was arching, allowing his rear to stick out and give her one of the sexiest rear ends she had ever seen. Another form of pain and pleasure hit Michael as her nipples began to stiffen and become sensitive and forming breast tissue, growing into hot sexy CC Cup boobs. The transformation was complete. Michael was now a woman.
"OMG YOU IDIOT" yelled Michael in a cute voice "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"
"Relax Mikaela" joked Josh "I found this magical swimsuit outfit for girls and bought it and waited for the right occasion"
"At least there must be a way to turn me back?" sighed Mikaela "I don't want to be stuck as a woman forever!"
"Fine, I'll figure a way out to turn you back" said Josh "But at least you look hot and sexy tbh"
"Dude you are disgusting" snarled Mikaela and she walked back to their hotel cottage.
Once she was out of earshot, Josh whispered to himself, there is a way to turn her back, but I gotta convince her that she has to be in this body for life. He cackled as he followed Mikaela back to the cottage
What tg's I'll do:
Actors and actresses (even if they have been done way too many times)
Sonic characters
Bullying, valentines, celebrations, events etc tg's.
Pokemon girls


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